Stock and order management


There are two options available for this to work, integrated and non-integrated.

Integrated Option

  • At the centre of our operation sits Orderflow, a powerful cloud-based system that helps our integrated clients:
  • Save time
  • Consolidate their orders
  • Gain inventory and picking accuracy
  • Control their purchasing
  • Integrate with multiple sales channels
  • Find the best despatch solution
  • Maintain control and peace of mind

Non-integrated Option

  • For clients not making use of our system integration, our system can act as a web portal. Orders can be uploaded to Orderflow in bulk via .csv or similar files and can be manually entered into the system. Our clients will be able to:
  • Gain access anytime and anywhere
  • Access real-time order progress, tracking, and inventory
  • Download client-specific reports

If you have you would like to request any additional information or have any queries please feel free to contact us.