About us

Since we opened our doors in 1988 we have helped clients from across the globe grow and manage their businesses. Our reputation is built on reliability, trust and the ability to accommodate almost any type of business,

Whether you are a start-up, power seller or major wholesaler we have a solution to fit your business which is not only cost effective but allows you to create time to move your business forward or just take some time off!

We just want to do a good job and put a smile on our clients faces.

Why we’re different

Put simply we care about people. Not just our customers, but the people who work for us and everyone who contributes to helping us deliver the type of service that puts a smile on our customers faces. Pack-it doesn’t have any hidden costs and will never treat you like a number. We don’t forget the little guy and never ignore the ambitions of our customers big or small. We’re just good people looking to make a positive impact on your business. That’s what makes us stand out from the crowd.


Cloud-based Order Management System

Pack-it use a cloud-based order management system designed from the ground up to streamline order processing for those in online retail and third-party logistics operations. Consolidate all orders from various online shopping platforms and channels and manage the full dispatch process from picking, packing, and shipping. Reduce errors, deliver more responsive and consistent service, and grow your business today.